Best Luxury Caravans

Are you taking an early retirement from your job or business to explore your country but leaving your house is proving difficult for you since you have never been out without the worldly necessities that makes your life easier?

No matter what the reason to leave your house, Villa Caravans brings you luxury caravans and custom caravans in Melbourne to give you a boost to explore Australia.

Luxury caravans are built to offer a balance between style and comfort. However, it really makes sense when it is able to perform. Caravans are built to withstand the long haul and the harsh weathers owing to the challenging Australian weather (high UV levels, rough terrain, extreme temperatures), giving you a cosy and temperature-controlled atmosphere inside. Villa Caravans offers the best luxury caravans in and around Melbourne for those who wish to add comfort and style to their journey.

Custom Caravans Melbourne


On the other hand, if you are interested in custom caravans, even then, Villa Caravans will not let you down. We have an all-encompassing, quality controlled process for custom caravans in Melbourne that conforms to the Australian Caravan Manufacturing Standards. With a history of manufacturing with quality, here is how we act on delivering you the best custom-made luxury caravans:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Planning & Designing
    1. Base Plans
      • 19 Foot
      • 20 Foot
      • 22 Foot
      • 23 Foot
      • 24 Foot
      • More
    2. Customization Options
      • Bedroom Furnishings
      • Customized Storage
      • Indoor Entertainment
      • Outdoor Entertainment (including slide-out BBQ, LCD Screens, Portable Dining Furniture, Speaker System)
      • Private Bathroom
      • Epicure Kitchen
      • Lounge Options
  3. The Building Process

You are never too satisfied when you have a plethora of options to install in your spacious custom caravan. Here are a few to get your mind going:

  • Roof Air Conditioner
  • Solar Power
  • LCD TV
  • Vanity Fixtures
  • Shower / Bath
  • Endless Hot Water System
  • External Shower
  • Kitchen Luxuries (Microwave, Mixers etc.)
  • Digital TV Antennae
  • Internal / External Speakers
  • Drop down Jack Legs
  • Queen Bed
  • Durahide Leather Café Dining with Tri-Fold Table
  • Pull-Out Pantry
  • Storage Cupboard & Drawers
  • External Music System
  • Double-glazed Euro-style Windows
  • Properly Insulation

Villa Caravans is the trusted manufacturer and seller of luxury and custom caravans in Melbourne. Visit Now.

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